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Our Monitoring

As part of our project we collected data from 3 separated houses in Scotland using ELTEK monitoring equipment. To see more details of the houses that we monitored click here .

The University provided us with some ELTEK monitoring equipment and the software required to load the collected data onto a computer from the data logger. This equipment was put into each house separately to monitor their heat pump and entire hot water system. The equipment uses measuring devices attached to small transmitters to periodically transmit the data back to a central logger where it is stored until it can be copied onto a computer.

picture Eltek equipment

Different transmitters are needed for each type of measuring device:

  • Data-logger squirrel box
  • GC-05:- Air temperature
  • GS -42:- Used in conjunction with current clamps to measure the current at set points in the system
  • GS-32:- Used in conjunction with thermistors to measure the temperature at set points in the system
  • GD-14R:- Used in conjunction with an outdoor temperature and humidity probe

At each of the properties the same points were measured to give us an overall picture of how the heat pump was performing in relation to the hot water demand of the house.

The different points in each houses system that were measured:

Using GS-32
  • Temperature of DHW in/out of tank
  • Temperature of water to and from heat pump, measured at the tank
  • Temperature of water to and from heat pump, measured at the heat pump (not for all installations)
  • Temperature to and from the central heating
  • Temperature at set points in the tank

Using GD-14R
  • Outdoor temperature and humidity, recorded behind the heat pump at air inlet side

Using GS-42
  • Power to whole unit
  • Power to the heat pump
  • Power to pump for central heating
  • Power to pump for water between tank and heat pump

Using GC-05
  • Temperature in the main living area
  • Temperature outside
  • Temperature of air in front of heat pump at exit side

monitoring equipment

GS-32 measuring pipe temperatures

monitoring equipment

Temperature and humidity probe attached to the GD-14R

monitoring equipment

GS-42 measuring current

monitoring equipment

GC-05 measuring indoor air temperature


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