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Toward the Creation of a Dynamic Model

It could be possible to use the work made on the COP regression and the defrost cycle in order to develop a dynamic model of the Sanyo CO2 Heat pump. Esp-R, an integrated energy modelling tool for buildings, could be used to realise it. A model of a conventional air source heat pump has been indeed quite recently implemented by Dr. Kelly (2010) in this software. The same structure could be used for the model with a particular adaptation for the CO2 Heat Pump. However he used a fully mixed tank in the Esp-R model which is quite unfavourable for a CO2 heat pump. A stratified tank minimizing the return temperature to the Heat pump should also be implemented. Different Tank design could also be studied their influence over the performances of the installation.

espr screenshot

Screenshot of the model in Esp-R including an air source heat pump (input of the air source heat pump model on the right)

This kind of model could enable to calculate the seasonal performances factor of the system in different configurations and conditions of operations. In particular different types of house model have been already realized and could be used to do simulations.


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