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User Conflicts

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The Admiralty also chart coastal areas or routes designated for certain sea users. To avoid conflicts with other parties during planning applications for MCT developments it was decided to avoid these areas also. The main users to avoid are the military, commercial shipping vessels, and fishing activities.

For example, In the coastal waters on approach to Orkney's Scapa Flow Oil terminals, there are several commercial shipping traffic separation schemes to manage the high volume of traffic. Selecting a high-current velocity site in such an area may cause much conflict from other users during the planning stage and probably prevent planning being awarded by the Government.

Other examples are:
  • traffic separation schemes
  • deep water routes
  • ferry routes
  • fish farms
  • potting
  • inshore traffic zone e.g. for recreational use
  • military practice area e.g. submarine exercise area, firing practice area, or minefields.
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