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General Background   Policy   Planning   Technology and storage   Resource basics and tides  

Site Analysis   Energy Analysis and Supply Strategy   Environment

General Background

  1. Garrad Hassan
  2. Action Renewables
  3. British Maritime Technology Renewable Energy
  4. British Wind Energy Association
  6. Electricity Association
  7. Energy Information Administration
  8. Entec UK
  9. Environmental Services Association
  10. European Forum for Renewable Energy Sources
  11. Glossary of Energy Terms
  12. Glossary of Renewable Energy Terms and Phrases
  13. Glossary of Renewable Energy
  14. International Energy Agency Policy Library
  15. Renewable Power Association
  16. Scottish Renewables
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  1. Carbon Trust
  2. Department of Trade & Industry
  3. Scottish Executive
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Technology and storage

  1. MCT (Marine Current Turbines Ltd)
  2. Blue Energy Canada Inc.
  3. The Energy Storage Council.
  4. Seapower
  5. Engineering Business
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Resource basics and tides

  1. World Energy Organisation
  2. The Met-Office
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Site Analysis

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Energy Analysis and Supply Strategy

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