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Methodology: Introduction

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  Resource Analysis


The objective of the methodology is to define a process to match the most appropriate technology to a particular tidal current resource site. The methodology includes the optional use of a number of evaluation tools that tidal developers can either utlise or replace with their own resources.

The methodology is based on recognising and defining the characteristics of the site in terms of bathymetry, current velocity and seabed roughness. By better defining the nature of the site, it is more likely that the technology chosen will be the most appropriate for that site and therefore have the optimum combination of efficiency, power output and economic factors. The methodology includes performing an analysis of different technologies and their power output and efficiency for varying flow, allocating power ratings to the devices, evaluating the economic and environmental factors, andin addition, calculating the significant impact factor for flow velocity.

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Methodology Structure

The methodology is made up of two main parts:

  1. Resource Methodology - Analysing the resource at the site
  2. Technology Methodology - Matching the technology to resource for the most appropriate power output

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A number of tools have been developed throughout the project for this purpose:

Click on the icon  to access each tool and click the title to access the 'explanation and theory' behind each tool.

  1.  Resource Methodology
  2.  Technology Methodology  
  • 3 generic technology models for performance analysis:


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  Resource Analysis

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