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Evaluation Significant Impact Factor

At a glance

The following table is not intended to be a comprehensive guide to the application and consent process, but a brief idea of where to start and the involvement likely by the relevant bodies.

Body/org. EIS/SEA* Env Statmnt Consult Legislation/remit Contact details
CE     Site permit/license
SNH     EC Habitats Directive, Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981
MCA   Coastal Protection Act (CPA), SOLAS, MGN 275
MOD     Testing areas and land ownership
LA Various Location dependent
Port Authority Various, CPA etc Location dependent
DTI   principle consents Electricity Act 1989, Food and Environmental Protection Act 1985, CPA
NLB   Rite of free passage, CPA etc
UKHO       Bathymetric charts, tidal prediction service
DERT/DfT     Consult regarding Marine Consents and Environment Unit (MCEU)
National Grid     CUSC etc, BETTA, RETSl
Carbon Trust Good resource + possible funding

  • For more detailed guidance of the consent process please visit the following, otherwise please check the references section for more general resources:
  • (Similarly, see HIE, Emec, NaREC and SuperGen for Scottish renewable development)
  • Strategic Environmental Assessment likely for the larger sites, with competitive round for site permission


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Evaluation Significant Impact Factor

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