Expanding Opportunities

Improvement of Onsite Autonomy

The GSK Irvine sustainability programme has already received substantial investment in energy efficiency projects that have reduced the site CO2 emissions by 25 % over the last 4 years. This foundation is now being supplemented by further investment in the following renewable energy projects.

Wind Turbine Generators (2 x 2.5MW - Complete)

Wind Turbine Generators (4 x 2.5MW– Planned)

Anaerobic Digestion of waste material (1MW– complete)

Biomass CHP (20MW– Planned)

This level of investment is required to enable the Irvine site to achieve its target of 100% on-site generation of power and heat. 

“The project involves investigating the impact of current and proposed Renewables technologies, against site power demand, to establish an optimal mix of technologies that will achieve our goals”

The Team