Project Drivers

UK Energy Supply



This will impact large industrial consumers more so than anyone else, heavily influencing their production and having negative consequences on their commercial viability. The decision to ask larger industrial consumers to switch off has been reinforced by UK legislation.



UK Electrical Generation Mix 2014 (DUKES)

Figure 1. UK Natural gas production and consumption [3]


Due to the nature of the supply of electricity and gas, the prices have began fluctuating which has created another strain on large industries.


Additionally, companies will also wish to promote a greener image, which requires them to consciously reduce their CO2 emissions, while still obliging to their carbon obligations by law. This is why it is of the utmost importance that industrial users who wish to avoid  restrictions on energy usage should focus on achieving energy autonomy, to the fullest extent possible, and of course why this was the main focal point throughout the project.

Plant Demands


Typical heat and power demands of a large scale industrial plant are displayed below:

It is easy to see that both demands vary dramatically throughout the year, and that both have a very large base load. Commonly, the heat demands are met using a boiler which burns a type of fossil fuel, usually gas, and the power demand is met through a grid connection. Some companies have also installed greener on-site generation, in a bid to meet the green goals mentioned previously, such as wind turbines and/or solar panels. Although these will reduce their emissions and costs, they are unpredictable energy sources as they are fully dependent on weather conditions.


For such a scenario, it may prove useful to install a combined heat and power (CHP) plant as it is able to meet a proportion of the power and heat demands of an industrial plant. CHP has many benefits; it has high fuel efficiency, is despatchable and will provide a secure supply thereby increasing autonomy.



These drivers allowed us to develop aims and objectives for the project.