Aims and Objectives



From our interests discussed on the Project Drivers page, our aim was defined as:


Investigating using biomass to meeting the heat and power demand for a large scale industrial plant while:

  • Quantifying energy autonomy
  • Reducing carbon emissions




More specific objectives were also identified which were derived from our aim:

Find and compare local biomass sourcing options: As biomass is such a controversial issue, the group decided it was worthwhile deciding on a particular type of biomass and investigating if this could be met by sourcing it locally.


Identify different storage technologies: Due to the fluctuating demands experienced by large industrial plants, it is important to consider how storage could aid autonomy. In order to find the best options, different technologies and their parameters need to be identified.


Provide a model to simplify assessing available demand-supply-storage combinations: to acquire the best combination of supply and storage for energy autonomy, the construction of a model is required.


Apply these objectives to a case study of GSK: The GlaxoSmithKline Irvine plant was used as part of a case study to apply research to a "real life" scenario.