Industrial Energy Autonomy:

The role of Biomass

Project Drivers

Project Contents


Modeling was undertaken to investigate the best technology combination for an industrial plant with a high heat and power demand

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Sourcing biomass

An investigation into the sourcing of biomass

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Energy Storage

Storage technologies were investigated to discover if any current technologies are feasible for industry on a large scale with a particular focus on thermal energy

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With the energy generation infrastructure changing, and demands for energy increasing, it is expected that there may be an increased risk of blackouts in the future. This will heavily influence larger industries more so than any other energy consumer, as they may be asked to switch off in times of high demand. Industries are now looking to generate an increasing amount of their energy on site.


Biomass could provide a better option than wind turbines and solar panels, as it has the added benefit of being despatchable, can provide heat and power, and provides a more secure energy supply compared to stochastic renewables.


This project focuses on using biomass as an energy source, in addition to thermal and electrical storage, to increase the autonomy of a large scale industrial plant.

University of Strathclyde