Energy Storage

Due to the variable heat and power demand of a large industrial plant, different ways of generation with different levels and types of energy storage can be compared to find the perfect match for aiding autonomy. This will help answer the questions like is generating a constant amount of heat and power better than modulation? How autonomous can be the plant be using storage? Can energy storage reduce CO2 emissions? What type of storage is best suited for an industrial application?


This part of the project focuses on providing storage technology for industries that have a high thermal demand, met by a combined heat and power (CHP) plant.



For finding a suitable thermal storage technology, detailed analysis was required as thermal storage is not currently being implemented in industry on a commercial scale. The following sections describe the different types of technologies considered and parameters used to assess them.


Types of Storage

An investigation in to different types of energy storage was undertaken

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How storage technologies should be selected was discussed

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Industrial Application

How thermal storage technologies could be used in industry was investigated.

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