Towards a Net Zero Carbon Community


To investigate the potential for an existing urban community to have net zero carbon dioxide emissions.


Based on the real community of Dennistoun in the East End of Glasgow, the project investigates the potential for an existing community to move towards net zero carbon status. The project focuses on demand reduction, renewable energy systems, energy from waste, and carbon capture and sequestration.

The project objectives are:

  • To look at the community as a whole, not treating individual buildings as islands
  • To identify key areas which can have the largest impact on emissions
  • To investigate different carbon reduction schemes and to analyse their potential impact on the emissions of the community
  • To assess the area of impact that are specific to an urban community


  • An assessment of the potential CO2 savings of each scheme
  • A comparison of each scheme based on cost per tonne of CO2 saved
  • A methodology that is transferable to other communities
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