This section allows users to download the various deliverables produced during the project, this includes the Tidal Phasing Tool, Scottish Ports-Tidal Times and Heights and the GIS Shapelayer Files.

Tidal Phasing Tool

The tidal phasing tool can be used to investigate the viablilty of phasing a range of tidal sites across a number of tidal areas in Scotland. The tool was created using Microsoft Excel 2007 and is populated with tidal velocity data from Tidal Admiralty Charts and the Proudman Oceanographic Institute (POL). Please click the link below to download:

Tidal Phasing Tool

Scottish Ports Tidal Times and Heights for January 2011

This download is the tidal times and heights for all Scottish Ports in Excel format for the month of January 2011. This data can be extrapolated in order to get data for the rest of the year.

Scottish Ports-Tidal Times and Heights

GIS Shapelayer Files

These GIS Shapelayer files were created using Quantum GIS but should work on all GIS software programmes provided they are compatible with files with a .shp extention. There is a number of files that show Scotlands tidal resource as well as the impact of technical and policy constraints on the resource. In order to download these please right click the link and save link as

Resource Map of Scotland

Depth Map of Scotland

Constraint Map-Shetland Islands

Constraint Map-Orkney Islands

Cpnstraint Map-North West Scotland

Constraint Map-Skye Stornoway and West Coast

Constraint Map-Islay and West Coast of Scotland

Constraint Map-Dumfries and Galloway Coast

If any of the above files fail to download please contact one of the group members and we will email a copy out.