University of Strathclyde Biomass Installation Feasibility Tool


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Welcome to our website!

As a part of our MSc in Energy Systems and the Environment course at Strathclyde University we had an opportunity to undertake a group project.

This group decided to work on development of Biomass Installation Feasibility Tool, which can be downloaded here.

You can read the project description here.

We recommend to start with reading about biomass fuels.

This section describes multiple aspects of biomass installation, which need to be taken into account during the feasibility process.

In the tool functions section you can find information how to use our tool step by step.

Application section contains information about two case studies, which we investigated in order to validate our Biomass Installation Feasibility Tool. Additionally, you can read there about sensitivity analysis.

The image below is a screenshot of the main menu of our tool. Hopefully it will encourage you to browse our website to find more information!

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