The following applications are available for download. In each case, the system source code and/or binaries may be directly downloaded. To encourage best practice application, regular training courses are offered. Courseware is also available as part of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. For all programs, there are a variety of relevant publications that can be found from the link on the homepage. Also, ESRU can utilise these tools on the client's behalf on a consultancy basis.

All applications are developed by ESRU and are available under the GNU public licence.

Adept logo

For domestic scale control systems performance appraisal.

BioSim logo

For biomass heating system design.

EKS logo

For the generation of energy programs of differing functionality.

IIBDS logo

For the construction of intelligent interfaces to co-operating applications.

MGTrading logo

For assessing the feasibility of trading between microgrids.

SmartHomes logo

For the delivery of energy-related services to homes via the Internet.