Zero Carbon Homes and Electric Vehicle Integration

Completed between February and April 2012 as part of the Sustainable Engineering program at University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

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Learn more about the team behind the Zero Carbon Homes and Electric Vehicle Integration Project, Michael Hayes, Rosie Trodden, Xu Gu and Sthitadhee Sarkar

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At the outset of our 12 week project we clearly defined aims and objectives. These framed our project a determined the deliverables upon project completion

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Description of our heating model and information on how our control model operates and why we decided to implement this control strategy

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View our results and outcomes from our Project and how the integration of an EV into a home across 3 distinct scenarios and the effect these have on tariffs

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View the main conclusions of this project and proposed tariffs for Zero Carbon Homes with EV integration

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Gain access to our control model and customised models. We intend for these tools to be worked on further to be improved and expanded

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