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The following provides a brief summary of the contents of this website.


The Overview section provides an Introduction to this Project, as well as a brief review of the current state of the art of Tidal Devices, including the CoRMaT device that this Project is particularly concerned with. The Overview section also explores the nature of Tidal Currents and provides a Conclusions to this Project.


The Buoy section provides an Introduction to the Buoy option that was investigated as part of this Project. The relationship between buoyancy size and Mooring Angles (between the seabed and the mooring line) is explored, as well as the static and dynamic Mooring Loads. The various Mooring Options that were considered are explained and evaluated. The impact of the vertical Velocity Profile on the Buoy mooring system design is also explained. Finally, the derivation of the Turbine Drag coefficient, which was used in design calculations, is described.


The Hydrofoil section provides an Introduction to the Hydrofoil option that was investigated as part of this Project. The CFD Analysis that was used to calculate lift and drag forces for various angles of attack is presented, as well as the FEA Analysis, which was used to assist with structural design of the Hydrofoil.


The Mooring section provides an Introduction to the main considerations and challenges of mooring system design. The differences between the main Types of mooring system are discussed, as well as the various mooring Line Materials and anchors (including Uplift Anchors and Alternate Anchors) that are available. The impact of the various mooring design options on Mooring Arrays and packing densities is considered. A concept design for an Anti-Tangle device is also proposed, in order to avoid mooring lines and electrical cables becoming tangled.


The Environmental section examines the type and extent of Marine Growth that may be expected, and the effect of this on the Hydrofoil in particular. The potential effects of Noise on marine life are also explored.


The Economic section explains how the annual Energy Generation from the turbine was calculated, and therefore how the resulting Financial Income was calculated, for various mooring options. This section is concluded with a comparison of the Hydrofoil v. Buoy, focusing on the financial implications of these two options.

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The More Info section introduces the members of Team MORE, and summarises the References used in this website.