Case Studies

These following case studies illustrate various aspects of energy/environmental modelling and simulation. Note that the first batch originate from ESRU and all relate to the ESP-r system while the second batch relate to projects undertaken by other groups using a range of modelling tools. You might also wish to consult ESP-r's in-built example models which illustrate a wide range of modelling features.

Case studies originating from ESRU.

Daylight utilisation in a school in Modane, France
Daylight utilisation in a prestigious office in Edinburgh, Scotland
Integrated performance appraisal of Daylight-Europe case study buildings
Modelling approaches for displacement ventilation in offices
System simulation for building performance evaluation
Summer overheating in offices in Glasgow, Scotland
Thermochromic glazing for a klinik in Germany
Tests regarding modelling of air duct leakage
Wet central heating system modelling
Wet central heating boiler selection - a house in Prague
  Case studies provided by others.
Conversion of loggias into winter gardens in Bratislava, Slovakia
Energy analysis of the Regional Hospital of Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Energy analysis of School 12 in Gabrovo, Bulgaria
Energy consumption of wooden family house in Zvolen, Slovakia
Energy consumption and indoor quality of wooden family house in Zvolen, Slovakia
Impact of microclimate on housing for milking cows in Nitra, Slovakia
Integrated performance assessment of an atrium in Banska Bystrica, Slovakia
Modelling of a dwelling in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria
Modelling of maisonette added to existing block of flats in Bardejov, Slovakia
Refurbishment of multifamily housing in Sofia, Bulgaria
Retrofitting multifamily housing in Dolny Smokovec, Slovakia
Right of sunlight/daylight in Bratislava, Slovakia (In Slovak)
Summer overheating of a conservatory in Stupava, Slovakia
Thermal bridges in a panel system used in apartment buildings in Bratislava, Slovakia
Czech case studies: heat consumption in flats, energy conservation in an archival building, and thermal comfort in an industrial hall