Future Work

Aspects that could be implemented in the future studies

  • How cost reduction presented in this project would influence the price of electricity

  • Failure rates of wind turbines – how will they change considering modern technology and how it would be reflected in electricity prices?

  • Weather window, i.e. wave and wind conditions that influence when it is possible to access wind turbine – what is the impact of the weather conditions on O&M activities?

  • Logistics process behind O&M activities

  • Spot market process: those prices could change daily or even hourly and so only one fixed price per day was used in our calculations. In a real life situation there would be various elements that would influence that price. Hence a research considering how spot market could influence a price of a vessel, n therefore the total price of electricity, could be performed in the future

  • Priority in Sharing- there are many aspects that should be included in this decision making process. However, in order to perform this kind of study a business analysis needs to be performed.

  • Environmental impact assessment of potential solutions