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Air Quality

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Our Conclusions

Throughout our projects we have identified problems relating to:

Environment -

In terms of vehicle emissions effecting the quality of air within Glasgow city.

Economy -

With respect to the number of early deaths caused directly or indirectly from road transport, total amount of road accidents and the amount of time lost during congestion.

Energy -

In relation to the amount of fuel consumption.


We have provided two very different solutions:
The Leading in-car technology

Intelligent Speed Adaptation

Congestion Charging

We have demonstrated the ways in which congestion charging could offer Glasgow city a fast solution to their congestion problems. We predict that congestion charging for Glasgow could drastically reduce the amount of vehicles travelling in and around the city centre, thus improving air quality to Government standards as well as increasing travelling speeds.

We have also shown how ISA has the potential to run nation wide, offering a long term solution to Scotland's transport issues. We have shown how the implementation of ISA, over a 15 year period, has the potential to drastically reduce the amount of road accidents and also help reduce fuel consumption from harsh acceleration.

We believe that our results demonstrate that both ISA and congestion charging could help lead the way in bringing Scotlands transport towards a sustainable future.


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