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Case Study

Our Aim

We aim to determine and compare the effects that both in-car leading technology ISA and out-of-car leading technology Toll Charging would have on Glasgow City in terms of the average travelling speed of vehicles, the fuel consumption of vehicles, the total number of road accidents and the level of pollution due to vehicle emissions, in particular Nitrogen Dioxide and PM10 particles.

Predictions and Comparissons

We will predict values, to satisfy our four criteria, over a 1, 5 and 15 year period. These will be compared not only with each other, but also to present day values and forecasted values assuming that Glasgow City Council's current policy remains unchanged. We have chosen these time periods as it allows us to analyse both short and long term impacts. Also, after a 15 year period, based upon Scotland's car replacement rate, from initial implementation all vehicles will be fitted with ISA.

We have presented our findings in three different scenarios:

Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3

Scenario 1 will show the predicted values assuming no change is made to current policy. Scenario 2 will predict values assuming that a congestion charge is introduced to Glasgow City. Finally, Scenario 3 will show predicted values assuming ISA is implemented in all new car designs Scotland wide. We feel that these scenarios address the worst and most regularly occurring problems identified and that it also provides the oportunity to look at an in-car technology based solution (Scenario 2) against an out-of-car technology based solution (scenario 3) Scenario 1 will be used as a reference to which the other scenarios will be compared.


All our calculations will be based on the assumption that current transport trends will continue within Glasgow City and throughout Scotland. These were mostly taken from Scottish Statistics for Transport, 2003.


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