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We would like to express our sincere appreciation to:

Our supervisor Mr. C Johnstone for his tireless support and encouragement throughout the course of this project. We are fortunate to have worked under his guidance.

L. McElroy, for all her assistance and for giving us access to the rooms whenever we required it.

Crit panel consisting of Prof. J Clarke, Dr A Grant, Dr P Strachan, Mr C McLean and to our fellow course mates, for their useful feedback and for the encouragement they have all given us throughout.

Dr E. McKenzie, Head of Statistics and Modelling Sciences Department, University of Strathclyde for giving us his time and advice when we barged into his office unannounced.

Charlotte Craig and the rest of the Learning Services IT Training Team, University of Strathclyde for their help and advice with the development of this website.

General public who were receptive to our questioning.

PC A. Goodwin, Traffic Management, Strathclyde Police for his time and advice.

All at NADICS and Institute of Logistics and Transport who co-organised a visit to the NADICS centre that we were able to attend.

David Hazel, Glasgow City Council for this views and advice on transport within Glasgow.

Ross Loveridge, Scottish Executive Transport Policy Manager for his help and guidance in the early stages of the project.


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