Hybrid Energy Systems in Future Low Carbon Buildings
Design concept  
Hybrid concept  
Modelling tools  
Case study results  
Environmental impact  

  • To create a general methodology and design tools to evaluate hybrid energy systems for individual dwellings
  • To apply the methodology to UK and southern European climates
The project objectives are:
  • To develop a general methodology for evaluate hybrid energy systems
  • To design a hybrid system for two specific cases in UK and in Southern Europe
  • To study how to physically integrate the system within the building
  • Renewable energy systems evaluation tools
  • Results on evaluation of appropriate hybrid system options in dwellings located in UK and Southern Europe
  • Report on the physical integration of energy systems
Future low carbon buildings require the use of efficient passive design features as well as introducing renewable energy systems for electricity and heat generation to match the energy demand. This project looks at the evaluation and design of hybrid energy systems for individual dwellings in different European climates, which have various potential benefits over individual energy systems.