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Researching Our Congestion Charge Area

Zone 1 and Zone 2

Zone 1 covers Glasgow city centre measuring approximately 2 square kilometres. Zone 2 circulates zone 1
measuring just over 4 square kilometres. Zones 1 and 2 are outlined below.

map of zones and cameras
Blue Badge Holders

From information published on Glasgow City Council's we site, we know that there are around 22,000
Blue Badge Holders in Glasgow. 13,646 issued to individuals in automatic categories (mobility
allowances, disability living allowance, government issued car or grants, war pensioners mobility
supplement or registered blind people) 8,267 issued to individuals in discretionary categories
(people with a permenent and substantial disability who are unable/nearly unable to walk)
4 issued due to other reasons (drivers with a severe upper limb disability in both upper limbs who cannot
turn a steering wheel by hand, missing orunavailable).

We have estimated that throughout our 4 square kilometre area, there are approximately 2,120 Blue
Badge Holders. All Blue Badge holders are exempt from the congestion charge.

Car Ownership

We were also able to determine the population of various zone areas and the percentage of car
ownerships within each area. Merchant City has a population of 6,915 and 22% of households have a
car, Anderston has a population of 6,781 and 27% of households have a car, Kelvingrove has a population
of 8,760 and 27% of households have a car, Woodlands has a population of 8,721 and 24% of households
have a car, Firhill has a population of 7,518 and 26% of households have a car, Keppochhill has a
population of 7,506 and 26% of households have a car, Royston has a population of 8,485 and 11% of
households have a car, Dennistoun has a population of 7,333 and 24% of households have a car
and Kingston has a population of 8,502 and 33% of households have a car.

Using this information we were able to calculate that approximately 12,000 residents live within in
zone 1 and approximately 45,000 in zone 2. We could estimate that car ownership was 20% and 23%
throughout zone 1 and 2 respectively.

Vehicle Numbers

From our own experiments, where we counted the number of cars passing through the city hot spots
during rush hours and data published from The Scottish Executive we have estimated that on a daily
basis, approximately 180,000 vehicles travel in zone 1 and 75,000 vehicles in zone 2.

As a result of our experiments, we estimate that 8% of the total number of vehicles travelling
throughout both zones are fleet vehicles and are therefore eligable for discount. From the above data
we also estimate that 2,400 and 10,350 residents in zone 1 and 2 respectively own cars and will also
be eligable for discounts while travelling during charging hours. We have also calculated that
approximately 2,120 Blue Badge Holders will travel throughout both zones daily. This results in
approximately 162,700 vehicles eligable for charging in zone 1 and 57,630 vehicles in zone 2.


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