3 Wind&Wave MSc Group Project
Wind&Wave MSc Group Project

Investigation of the potential of a combined offshore wind & wave system with liquid hydrogen storage.

MSc Group Project
University of Strathclyde


In the nearest future, it is believed that Hydrogen fuel will become one of the main sources of power for sea vessels.

To accommodate for this increase in demand, we have created an offshore floating platform which produces and stores Hydrogen. This platform combines wind and wave energy to produce liquid hydrogen fuel (LH2) and act as a hub for other turbines nearby to produce maximum levels of energy which then can be sent onshore or used on-site as a fuel for vessels.

Please feel free to go through our website and get yourself familiarized with our idea of combining wind and wave energy with liquid hydrogen storage.


Our project team is formed from engineers of different backgrounds and experiences. It allowed us to create viable, novel and innovative solution for the future of energy production market.


Matthew McClure

Project engineer
Stability & Hydrodynamics

My previous experience includes a BEng Degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering from the University of Strathclyde. I have a keen interest in floating offshore structures for the energy sector and I hope to be involved in creating a sustainable future for years to come.


Jack Nixon

Project engineer
General design & Research

After studying Mechanical Engineering at Stow College in Glasgow I completed my BEng in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in 2016 and now currently studying towards an MSc in Sustainable Engineering: Offshore Renewable Energy.


Ryan Bou Chahine

Project engineer
Structural & Environment

I have graduated with a BEng degree in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering in 2017. Now I am studying MSc in Sustainable Engineering: Renewable Energy and the Environment. These two sectors have a lot to add to each other, alowing me to contribute to this project.


Sung-il Ahn

Project engineer
Safety & Systems

In 2003 I graduated with BEng degree in Naval Architechture from Pusan Natuonal University. Since then I have worked in the maritime industry as marine surveyor and superintendent. Now, I am studying at the University of strathclyde towards MSc degree. I am very happy to be a part of the project.


Damian Jasiukajc

Project engineer
Hydrogen & Energy conversion

For the last 3 years I have been working as an engineer in Oil&Gas and Manufacturing industries. Various roles enabled me to gather expreience in mechanical engineering, management or SCM which I could contribute to the development of our project. I hold a BEng degree in Ocean Engineering.


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MSc Group Project
University of Strathclyde, Glasgow
Mail: damian.jasiukajc.2017@uni.strath.ac.uk