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Energy Efficiency in Buildings

A  project that investigates the potential of  energy efficiency in buildings with a case study in Istanbul, Turkey.

Global Energy Outlook 

According to IEA, the global building energy demand is set to increase by a third in 2050. Developing countries in Asia, Africa and the Middile East will contribute to this increase by more than 80%.


Energy Saving Potential


More than 80% of existing buildings' efficiency potential remains untapped compared to other sectors!


With the largest potential for saving being in the space heating & cooling, lighting and water heating.

Building Trends In Developing Countries & Impacts of Untapped Energy Saving Potential 

There is a rising demand for new office and commercial buildings in developing countries, while some of them might be energy efficient most of them have great untapped potential for savings.


Most of these developing countries have weak infrastructure! When large offices and commercial buildings are built, they cause a huge strain on the grid... 

This has led to frequent grid blackouts! Some developing countries continue to suffer from blackouts and scheduled power cuts to compensate for the energy used by offices during the day.[1]  


Public money in the form of energy subsidies.  Most developing countries have subsidized energy [2] and untapped energy saving potential means that offices and commercial buildings are using more public money which could be better used in education & healthcare.

This project was then set to investigate the potential of energy efficiency in buildings with a case study in Istanbul, Turkey.              

[1] Herran, D.S. and Nakata, T., 2012. Design of decentralized energy systems for rural electrification in developing countries considering regional disparity. Applied Energy, 91(1), pp.130-145.

[2]  WILLIAMS, J. and GHANADAN, R. (2006). Electricity reform in developing and transition countries: A reappraisal. Energy, 31(6-7), pp.815-844.


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