We would like to welcome you on our website about our Tidal Barrage project on the Isle of Whithorn. The Isle of Whithorn is a small community with about 300 residents located at the southernmost tip of the Machars peninsula in Dumfries and Galloway in Scotland. The isle head is no longer a true island. Maps dated from the late as 18th century still show the village and island separated. Originally the main street was a causeway to the harbour which was located on what was then the true Isle. The village has a strong connection with the sea and is surrounded by an unspoilt and picturesque coastline and nature. The harbour is mainly used by leisure crafts and a few fishing vessels today.

However the village community suffers from regular flooding of the harbour and their houses during severe storms. Therefore our project will be an investigation of a Tidal Barrage as an Application for Flood Defence offering the village a solution for the flooding problems and an additional benefit by generating electricity from the barrage at the same time.

Location of the Isle of Whithorn

Source: digimap.edina.ac.uk