Jury's Inn Glasgow


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'This is a very impressive piece of work. The system developed will have a real impact on resource use planning, and as such will have the potential to lead to significant cost savings and environmental benefits.'

- Jim Robinson, Scottish Enterprise: Graduates For Business


'The Engineering students have taken a look at hotel energy saving from a very different perspective to the way the hotel industry normally looks at it.  They have a fresh approach to it and have produced results that are very interesting and can give the whole issue a new path to follow in the future.'

- Peter Stack, Hotel Manager: Jury's Inn Hotel


'Extremely impressed with the results of the project.  Jurys Inns will definitely be using this tool to advance our steps in reducing energy consumption and our carbon footprint and to make monetary savings in our utilities.  The Green Tourism Business Scheme will also be very interested in the results and findings and will be sure to pass on to others in the hospitality industry.'

- Sharon McLeish, Financial Manager: Jury's Inn Hotel