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Landfill Gas Recovery Efficiency

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There is lack of information as regards the recovery efficiency of landfill gas (LFG) as typical landfill sites are characterized by information such as Amount of waste in place, size of the landfill site and the amount of LFG recovered, with very little or no data on recovery efficiency of LFG.

The absence of data on recovery efficiency makes it difficult for landfill site owners and developers to set realistic target and establish reference as to the use of LFG for energy projects.

Our aim is to calculate and generate some efficiency reference values. Efficiency will be defined as the ratio of LFG recovered to LFG generated.

LFG operators, planners, policy makers and general public could use the reference as a guideline so as to set targets and make room for improvements.

Our aims and objectives are to:

Use empirical formulas in order to calculate LFG recovery efficiency.

Generate efficiency reference for LFG recovery.

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