Gordon Day


BSc (2/1 Hons) Computational Mathematics from Glasgow Caledonian University.

What I Brought to the Project

Mathematical modelling and computer programming were extensive components of my BSc. I was able to use these skills to analyse data, formulate mathematical equations to represent the use of this data and then write computer programs to process the data and the equations. The group then had robust solutions to problems.

Comment on Project

The original project targets were to identify limits of wind penetration on the Scottish electricity market. Criteria were identified which would present limits but in the end the limits were found in unexpected places.

What I Learned From the Experience.

I learned that a group project is as much about successful interaction with other individuals as it is about analysing the problem in hand. It is important that the group functions as a unit and this can only be done by identifying each others strengths and weaknesses and exploiting this knowledge.