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Some of the links and references we used on the project, sorted by category.

General Links: 

  Strathclyde University


  Smart Home Forum

  BBC News tutorial on broadband

Other internet energy projects:

  Scottish Power Weathercall

  Radio Teleswitch

  Energy Barometer for Sweden Project

The System:

  Ericsson e-Box and Residential e-services

  Easy-Living Radio Frequency Sensors


  Java 2 Enterprise Edition Overview

Gas Sensors: 

    Sixth Sense Industrial Sensors

Carbon Monoxide Links:

   The UK Health and Safety Executive gas safety website

   The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Page on Carbon Monoxide

   North American Detectors inc.

   BBC Scotland transcript: The Silent Killer

   The Council of Gas Detection and Environmental Monitoring

Mould and Dustmites Links:

1. Indoor Mould Growth - Health Hazards and Remediation (Kowalski et al)

2. Moulds, Mycotoxins, and Human Health (Michael R.Gray)

3. Sustainable schools. Improving Health, Safety and Comfort.

4. European Federation of Asthma and Allergy Associations.

5. Humidity, ventilation, mould and house dust mites.

6. Tips on mould avoidance (Calgary Allergy Network)

7. Moulds in Human Environments, There’s a fungus among us! (John R Orser) 

8. Mould, Mildew and Human Health (James Scott)

9. The prediction of internal surface relative humidity and risk of mould growth in dwellings. (Steven Pretlove)

10. American Allergy Association.