Vestas Turbine Parameters

Shown here are response curves for the Vestas V66-1650 and the Vestas V66-1800.

The first shows the performance of the V66-1800 relative to the power in the wind and that of the Betz limit - the maximum theoretical energy capture of a wind conversion device.

The second shows the V66-1800 relative to the V66-1650, showing the increased power capture of the former over the latter. Note, however, that the 1650 actually outperforms the 1800 at low windspeed.

The next two graphs below show windspeed vs. power coefficient for the 1650 and the 1800. The 1650 has a maximum power coefficinet at 8 m/s of 0.46 and the 1800 has maximum of 0.43 at 10 m/s

Finally, there are two graphs showing tip speed ratio versus power coefficient, with the 1800 having quite an odd looking curve where the smaller generator gives way to the larger.