The following programs are available under an Open Source licence. In each case, the system source code and/or binaries may be directly downloaded or, in the case of ESP-r, acquired via a source code control system. To encourage best practice application, regular training courses are offered. Courseware is also available as part of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes.
ESP-r, an integrated building/plant simulation tool.
Calibro, for the calibration of energy models.
EnTrak, a data analysis and information delivery tool.
BuildAX, configuration of pervasive sensors for use with EnTrak
Merit, a renewable energy planning tool.
BSM, for stock model generation.
HUE, for housing estate energy rating and upgrade strategy formulation.
POET, for post operations evaluation and quality assurance.
GOMap, for examining renewable energy systems deployment opportunities in cities.
MGTrading, for assessing the feasibility of trading between micro grids.
SmartHomes, for the delivery of energy-related services to homes via the Internet.
Adept, for domestic scale control systems performance appraisal.
BioSim, for biomass heating system design.
IDEAS, a domestic heating/cooling system control test environment.
EKS, for the generation of energy programs of differing functionality.
IIBDS, for the construction of intelligent interfaces to co-operating applications.
Miscellaneous programs, including a CHP appraisal tool, a Ventilation estimation tool and a fenestration definition tool.