Consultancy Services

ESRU's consultancy services are provided directly or via external agencies such as the UK's Action Energy Service. These services include modelling studies in support of design decision-making, laboratory tests to characterise the behaviour of new products, and field monitoring to determine the performance of buildings and renewable energy plant in use.

Issues that may be studied include, but are not limited to, the following.

Energy assessments:

  • heating, cooling, ventilation and lighting of buildings
  • supply and demand at the regional level
Renewable energy scheme deployments:

  • grid and building-integrated
  • passive technologies for demand reduction
Comfort and health assessments:

  • thermal, visual and acoustic
  • indoor air quality
System simulation:

  • critical sizing
  • control performance prediction
Air flow studies:

  • natural ventilation
  • indoor and outdoor air movement
Condensation studies:

  • surface and interstitial
  • mould growth

  • utilisation
  • glare avoidance
Advanced materials/systems:

  • advanced glazings
  • photovoltaics
  • ducted wind turbines


You may wish to consult our service description for more details, visit our case studies section where the outcomes from actual projects are described, and/or explore our modelling approach to the appraisal of energy systems performance.