About us

ESRU was established in 1987 as a cross-discipline research group concerned with new approaches to built environment energy utilisation and the introduction of sustainable means of energy supply at various scales.

The group's belief is that options for energy demand reduction and clean supply must be considered together if society is to attain significant levels of energy efficiency and new & renewable energy systems deployment. ESRU is concerned with the development and testing of new technologies and methods for energy utilisation and supply, and the evolution of computational tools to assist designers in their attempts to devise clean and sustainable overall solutions.

The group was selected as the BRE Trust's Centre of Excellence in Energy Utilisation (2008-present).

The group operates IBPSA Scotland and has provided thematic leadership for the Construction Scotland Innovation Centre and the Energy Technology Partnership.

The group contributes to courses accredited by the Energy Institute and the IMechE.

The group's work has given rise to commercial activity:

  • Design of CoRMaT marine current turbine, available through spin-out company Nautricity.
  • Contribution to integrated building performance modelling technology VE, available from Integrated Environmental Solutions (IES).
  • The contribution of pervasive sensor technology (BuildAX) and e-service delivery available from various companies.

 ESRU also partners with industry through Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP).

Academic and Research Staff

Contact details for current staff (bold) may be found using the Staff Search utility.