ESP-r Central    Codesion: CVS, Subversion, Trac source control and project management hosting

ESP-r Central is the central repository for ESP-r's source code. Through a versioning control tool named Subversion, it facilitates the concurrent development of ESP-r's source code by an international community of developers. ESP-r Central comprises a number of "branches", each of which contains a full version of the ESP-r source code.

The 'release branch' contains the general distribution of ESP-r.  Any interested party (both users and developers) can, at any time, download the source code representing the latest, fully quality assured version of ESP-r.  To access the source code you must first install a Subversion client on your system.  Free clients are available here.  Once you have installed the Subversion client you can download the source code in the release branch as an anonymous user with the following command:

svn checkout
svn checkout

All ESP-r users will have access to the release branch through anonymous login, while developers who wish to contribute source code will be provided with an account that gains them access to the 'development branch'. Furthermore, 'developer-specific sub-branches' will be created for each developer. These branches essentially represent a copy of the development branch, which is managed by the version control system. Contact the ESP-r Archivist Ian Beausoleil-Morrison if you require a developer's account for ESP-r Central.

Further resources for ESP-r developers:

The current ESP-r developer organisations are:

The Energy Systems Research Unit at the University of Strathclyde;
The Building Simulation Team of Natural Resources Canada;
The Sustainable Building Energy Systems Lab at Carleton University;
The Advanced Glazing and Solar Thermal Labs at the University of Waterloo;
The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Dalhousie University; and
The Institute for Research in Construction of the National Research Council of Canada.