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North Sea Beatrice Platform as OREC


UK location

Development of the field

Beatrice was the first field to be developed in the Moray Firth area, and at 24 km from the shore that can be seen from the land.
Beatrice comprises 4 conventional steel platforms: Beatrice A, and two single satellite platforms B and C.
The Beatrice A complex consists of 2 platforms bridge-linked (50.5 m): 1 drilling/quarter platform (AD) and 1 processing/power generation (AP).
Beatrice B satellite platform is located to 3 miles north-east of the A complex, and was installed later. It is a drilling and a water injection platform.
Beatrice C is designated a satellite water injection facility and was installed in September 1984. It pushes oil from the south-west end of the reservoir in direction of A. B and C are linked by pipelines with A.
Beatrice oil is exported via a 16 inch pipeline from the A complex to a short terminal at Nigg in the Cromarty Firth, where it is stored until tanker shipment.
Since 1986/87 Beatrice has a 132/33kV power cable (via submarine) from Dunbeath. It connects platform to mainland power supply. It is used when the platform is fuel gas deficient.


Sketch of infrastructures between platforms

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