The Capture and Sequestration of Carbon Dioxide

bullet1 The Environmental Reasons
bullet2 Climate Change

bullet3 Risk to humans

The risk to humans of climate change are many and varied as well as global and local. The threat in some regions of shortages of food which will led to hunger. There is also likely to be greater problems, in some regions,  with clean and safe water supply, this will be due to the effects of changes in the patterns of precipitation and evaporation. The effects of coastal erosion in some areas will increase, this in many area impact directly on the human population that live on these costal areas. Many could find that their homes and land disappearing into the sea or being brought closer to the shoreline. With the rise in sea levels many low lying countries will find that some or all of their land disappears, causing maigration of the population. While other settlement areas will find that they experience more devastating floods and more often. Human health could be effected, other than with a shortage of food or water, with an increase in some warm climate diseases such as malaria and yellow fever. The increase in global temperature could increase the areas where these types of diseases are found, thereby expossing more people to them. Along with disease another effect on human health could be the increase of respiratory diseases, such as asthama, and an increase in allergies all due to the decline in air quality. The negative effects of climate change on humans will of course be felt most by the poor and disadvantaged in the world.