[Cutting the cost in the Kitchen]

Cutting costs in the Kitchen

The following table demonstrates the typical yearly electricity consumption for a kitchen. To estimate your own yearly consumption figures try our Home Electricity Consumption Guide. This will enable you to see how much electricity you use per year, also the typical costs and the amount of CO2 used per year.

This average consumption shows an average electricity use of 2088kWh, which would cost around £142.02.

It also would be responsible for the emission of 911.67 kg of carbon dioxide.

[Individual Possibilities]

i) Instead of always heating soup or boiling potatoes, vegetables trying using the microwave- could save 2 hours electricity per week.

Using the microwave for heating liquids would save £7.63 a year.
It would also prevent the emission of 48.96 kg of CO2 per year.

National Benefits

Microwaves use far less energy than cooker rings and therefore can save electricity - this simple measure could save 112.16kWh a year

i) So across Scotland this would be saving approximately.

112.16 kWh x 2,350,000 houses = 263,576,000 kWh/year

ii) As mentioned earlier 45% of Scotland's electricity is produced from fossil fuels - so figure needs to be adjusted to reflect this.

0.45 x 263,576,000 kWh / year = 118,609,200 kWh/year

iii) For fossil fuels every kWh of electricity produces 0.97 kg of CO2

0.97kg x 118,609,200 kWh/year = 115,050,924 kg/CO2

Annual reduction in emissions due to using microwave for 45 minutes instead of cooker ring for 2 ½ hours a week

2.9 % of Household CO2 Emissions (2.9% of 3,983,250,000 kg)

0.16 % of Total CO2 Emissions (Scottish total = 72,300,000,000 kg)

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